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Guard papers of different grammages, colors and textures


  • Elephant papers

    This elephant skin type paper is characterized by its very unique mottling.

  • ARCHES papers

    Prestige Paper

    Arches vellum

    100% acid-free cotton paper, which gives it resistance, stability and a characteristic feel.

    Its old-fashioned round shape production gives it a harmonious and varied grain.

  • JOHANNOT papers

    Vellum paper made from 100% natural fiber pulp.

    Round shape paper with 75% cloth, neutral pH, fine grain.


  • RIVES papers

    Creative paper with a felt grain, discreet and timeless.


  • RIVOLI papers

    Vellum creation paper containing 25% cloth, very soft to the touch.

  • FABRIANO Vergatona papers

    Very old quality laid paper.

    100% bleached chemical pulp, acid free, with alkaline reserve.

  • INGRES papers

    The Ingres laid papers with fringed edges, whose name comes from the famous French painter Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867), are made on a machine with a round shape. With its slightly textured surface, this paper has a sober appearance.

    This paper can be used to make marbled paper or glue paper, but it is also ideal for different printing techniques, or as an exclusive material for covers and bindings.

  • Offset papers

    Offset wove paper
    Smooth appearance without grain or watermark.

  • OLIN papers

    Olin is a high quality offset paper with unbeatable print quality.

    Its soft touch and its robustness make it an excellent guard paper.

  • Bouffant paper

    The bouffant paper is an unfinished, raw machine paper with a high content of wood fiber (mechanical pulp), light and thick with a rough surface.

    It can be used for pocket books.

  • Simili Japon papers
  • Conservation HERITAGE...

    Conservation and Archival Conservation Paper available in different colors and weights.

  • Papier ARPA
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Showing 1 - 20 of 44 items