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    Photos albums and Notebooks There are 105 products.

    Discover all the ARTMO paper pads: Photo Albums, notebooks, Themed books ...

    All of its products are to be covered with different binding techniques.


    • Photos albums

      Interiors of traditional photo albums: pages in ivory, white or black color album cards. This neutral pH "cardstock" is an ideal support for sticking photo corners or photos directly.

      A fully personalized album: cover created with the creative leisure technique of your choice (binding, cardboard, embroidery, patchwork ...), photos arranged and commented on as you wish!

      Large choice of blocks to cover in format, number of pages, color, protective interlayer sheet, slice ...

      Photos thickness compensation tabs ensure that the album, even when full of photos, is closed properly.

      Full flat opening for better vision.

    • Notebooks

      Big, small, medium notebooks ... Thick or thin to slip into your pocket or bag ... Plain, ruled, checkered ... Enjoy writing on beautiful paper for your notes, recipes, memories, sketches and drawings ...

      Interiors of notebooks and notebooks to cover, dress and personalize.

      Square back sewn for even more solidity.
      Ivory laid paper, white offset paper, lined straw paper, recycled paper.
      To cover with your favorite creative leisure method: cardboard, binding, fabric reading, leather, embroidery, patchwork ...

      2 presentations:
      flexible pre-covering to be preferred for casing techniques or if you prefer the very flexible aspect
      cardboard or "semi-rigid" pre-cover: ideal for inserting the notebook directly into a fabric or leather reading lamp or for making patterns in collage, paper towel ...
      Reminder: 1 sheet = 2 pages

    • Themed books

      Themed books to personalize with all traditional or contemporary binding techniques.

        Recipe book with tabs, cookbook, cellar book, guest book, birth book ... good ideas for personalized and original gifts.

    • Papers pads

      Find here the paper blocks always sewn glued, ready to be bound. Directories, guest books, notepads or diaries.

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    Showing 1 - 20 of 105 items
    Showing 1 - 20 of 105 items